Elders: Clark Barrett, Brad Lawson, Scott Plyler, Ryan Warren

Our church family follows the guide of scripture, operating independent of any outside organization. Since we aim to be the body of Christ, we hold only Him as our body’s head and authority (Ephesians 4:12-16).

​Qualified men are appointed to fill roles of leadership and service (see I Timothy 3). The responsibility of elders is to shepherd God’s flock under Scripture’s guidance and authority. Our shepherds (or “elders”) are respected men who have accepted the task of overseeing the church family at Airport.

​Our church family employs a minister who works under the guidance of our elders to fulfill perceived spiritual needs (see I Corinthians 9:11-14). While he is able to devote extra time and energy to the work of the church, every member shares the great responsibility of evangelism.

Minister:  Mike Johnson

​Deacons have also been appointed as servants who help fulfill the various needs of our church family. Each of our deacons has been assigned to a specific area of work.

Deacons: Jerad Bennett, Gabe Dykes, Steve Dykes, Ben Elliott, Matt Malone, Jerry McMullen, Sr.

​All true church leaders work humbly in the shadow of Christ. In all things, He deserves the glory!